Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Educational Assignment or the motivation for the birth of my blog:)

As part of this blog(since I am on the path to elementary teacher-hood) I will be following three blogs on teaching by teachers. The three blogs are:, 2¢ Worth, and Cool Cat Teacher Blog. is written by Quentin D’Souza a former teacher and individual who is involved in technology in the classroom.  One of his most recent entries is about a book about connecting technology to the classroom or to our lives. I liked that he not only his opinion of the book but key points the book offers. I hope he continues to write.

Next is 2¢ Worth a blog by David Warlick. What drew me to this blog was his about me which states "2¢ Worth consists of the observations, experiences, half-baked and fully baked ideas of an 35 year vagabond educator." His writing voice and the way he presents the issues really make the reader want to keep reading. I am excited to read this blog.

Last is Cool Cat  Teacher Blog. This blog is just the random happenings of  Vicki Davis a full time teacher. I like her random wanderings because my mind works that way. I also like that she shares real experiences that she has day to day. Her authenticity is what drew me to this blog.

The links to these blogs for your enjoyment are:



YOUR HAPPY THOUGHT :) Please enjoy these blogs and have a great week... day... Um time... until we meet again:)

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