Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Oh Happy Day" First Blog post EVER!!!!!!

This is a phrase one of my best friends likes use. Every time I  hear it it puts a smile on my face.
If you had asked me a day ago if I would ever have a blog I would have said defiantly not! This is a good lesson in how "Defiantly not's" can most defiantly happen :)

So here I am with my first blog. If you were wondering, the motivation was for school. I have done many crazy things for the sake of a grade. Its true.  So like every good blog there needs to be a theme. Why, you ask? Because without a theme a blog gets random and is chaotic. I want my blog to mean something so that I keep it up and it is not just one of those random things I did in college for a grade.

The setting of my blog is life. Life is chaotic and unpredictable. Yet through it all we can stay positive and look on the bright side of all things.
The theme of my blog is Happiness. Yes very cliche, I know. But still important. I want my blog to be a place that I as the author and you as the reader can have a bright spot in what can be a dark and scary world. So my friends I say to you good reading and "Oh happy day"

Love Nona


  1. when you said, "This is a good lesson in how "Defiantly not's" can most definitely happen," just gave me a little bit of hope :)

  2. I am glad :) Welcome to Nona's Sunny Spot :)